Across The Border
The Film
The Directors
Paweł Łoziński
Jan Gogola
Peter Kerekes
Róbert Lakatos
Biljana Čakič-Veselič

Across The Border documents an area which is vanishing and at the same time undergoing a rebirth. When Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia join the EU, a fissure dividing the two Europes, or within Europe, will be closed - a seam within Central Europe.


Five directors from the five different countries show this region as it is undergoing sweeping change, acting as travel guides and interpreters, archivists and agents provocateurs. The moral realism of Paweł Łoziński, the anarchistic and švejkian humor of Jan Gogola, the folkloric magical touch of Peter Kerekes, the new realism at eye level of Róbert Lakatos, the picturesque and musical approach of Biljana Čakič-Veselič: The order of these five worldviews results in firstly a specific portrait of the social and political topography and secondly insight into five independent methods of cinematographic communication.


The task set before the directors was to create a document of lasting value about their country’s border with the EU before its enlargement in light of the momentous changes taking place in Europe. The possible themes were limited to the border area and an episode length of 25 minutes. After frequent exchange with the project heads in Vienna, the result was five different concepts which together comprise a film journey which examines themes of central importance and issues affecting this part of the world.