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Biljana Čakič-Veselič

Episode 5


Biljana Čakič-Veselič‘s films address minor and often extremely private themes, weaving them together gradually with their social environment. A number of detailed observations, precise and carefully composed images and soundtrack reveal traces of the past which exist underneath the surface. Employing poetic and evocative processions of images, Čakič-Veselič tells her stories in the form of extremely personal studies.


1967 born in Vinkovci/Croatia graduated from the Academy of Arts of the University of Zagreb (painting)


Field correspondent and cameraperson for Croatian national TV company (HTV) during the war in Croatia. Since then she is a permanent associate to desk for documentary programme of the Croatian national TV company.


Video workshops for children and young persons in the refugee camps throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Biljana Čakič-Veselič lives in Ljubljana/Slovenia, where she works as an associate to the desk for documentary programme of the Slovenian national TV company (RTV Slovenija)



Filmography (extract)


2001 “Decko kome se žurilo” / “The Boy who Rushed”

An intimate story about Biljana’s own brother who was a victim of war in Croatia. His fate was not known to his family for more than 9 years.


Awards: 2001: “Days of Croatian Film” Zagreb(best director, best documentary, critics’ award “Oktavian”, Special Prize “Zlatna Uljanica” for promotion of ethnic values). “Vladimir Nazor Preis” for cultural achievements in the area of film, Special award from the Croatian audience for the best film in the last ten years period, Toronto Images Film Festival (Prize for International Documentary), International Film Festival “See Docks in Dubrovnik” (First Prize) ‘The Boy who Rushed’represented Croatia in the run for OSCAR 2002.


1999-2001 “Polja smrti” / “The Fields of Death”

trilogy of documentary films “Polja smrti” was selected, unanimously by critics and the audience, as the best documentaries about the war in Croatia.




Filmi Biljane Čakič-Veselič obravnavajo postranske in pogosto zelo osebne teme, ki postopoma stkejo vezi s svojim socialnim okoljem. Vrsta podrobnih opazovanj ter natančno in skrbno povezana podoba in ton odstirajo sledi preteklosti, ki se nahajajo pod površino. S poetičnimi in pozivajočimi podobami Biljana Čakič-Veselič pripoveduje zgodbe v obliki skrajno osebnih proučevanj.